Sunday, September 2, 2007

A New Leaf Turned - Progress

It's the first day of September and I have already turned over a new leaf. My plan to practice project polygamy is working quite well actually. Somehow each project has something special to offer when I am not tied to it with ball and chain. Even ribbing... The afghans are coming along, and I can envision myself finishing them in the next year or so, which is so much better than never! I also have made great progress on my Riblet Platter socks which served as this week's obligatory "Young and the Restless" project for a few days this week. (When you watch soaps, you have to do something with your mind...wink, wink). I have taken the V-neck Chenille sweater and the 1930s sweater off the rotation because they both need some serious rethinking that will slow down my current progress. They will not be abandoned though:) As soon as I finish two sweaters, I can frog these two projects and begin anew. Here's my progress for the week ending September 1, 2007:

Sweet Sweater with Frill - 95%
Raglan Sweater - 50%
Scala Socks - 35%
Riblet Platter Socks - 20%
Wide Rib Scarf - 15%
Rhiannon Socks - 5%
Mossy Leaves Afghan - 2%
My First Aran Afghan - 2%
Nantucket Jacket - 2%

Next week's "Young and the Restless" project will be the Sweet Sweater with Frill. A little extra nudge to get it done before classes get out of control.

Until next time...

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