Sunday, September 16, 2007

WIPs Around the Clock

Sunday always brings mixed feelings. It's a day of rest, only I usually am so backlogged that I work for most of the day. Today was a good day, however. I met my friend Heidi this morning for breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, and then we went to my favorite coffee shop for some hardcore latin reading! Hurray for Seneca! After a nice nap under my heated blanket, I headed over to movie night hosted by Ryan, a CS PhD student. Before beginning the movie of the evening, An American in Paris, we drank a toast to Lauren Bacall on her birthday! Love Gene Kelly! Love him, love him, love him! The film was so engaging, I couldn't knit to it! That almost never happens. As a result, I will be knitting this evening so I can finally put a WIP to rest this week. It must happen. I command thee Raglan complete (by Saturday night:)) Before I start playing with yarn and sticks, I thought I'd provide an update on two of my WIPs. They are the only two that look any different from the last time I posted about them.


Can you guess what this is? The discerning eye may recognize the hunter green color from the Nantucket Jacket I was working on. It seemed too big when I began, but my gauge swatch said it wasn't. I pressed on, until I picked it up again, noticed the extreme drape, remeasured, and decided, yes, in fact, it was too big. So I frogged it back to square one. Then I cast on using a smaller needle. Twice. I finally settled on US size 6, a full three sizes down from the 9s suggested in the pattern. I cannot fathom how my gauge swatch could lead me so astray. At least it seemes to be a reasonable width now:) Once I get past the waist decreases, I will post a picture.


The raglan is so close to being finished I can almost taste it. I love the way it fits. I will be increasing quite substantially to accomodate my "generous" lower half, and I think it will be in moss stitch for visual interest. I then just have the sleeves and the neckline to knit and I will be finished with something at last!


The rotation. I have been following the rotation fairly well. The only problem is that I get busy during the week, and end up skipping days so the same projects get worked, while others remain neglected. This week, I am going to devote two days to each project so I can still catch it if I have a busy night. This week's three projects will be, My First Aran Afghan, Wide Rib Scarf, and Scala Socks. Although I don't really have time to watch soaps during the day, my freetime project for this week reverts back to the Riblet Platter socks.

Edited on 9/18: Since I am sooooo close to finishing the Raglan, I am going backburner the Wide Rib Scarf this week in an attempt to finish the Raglan...I know, it's kind of cheating, but I'm doing it anyway!

Until we meet again...


~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Latin....ick!!!! I took two semesters for "fun." ha ha ha...was it? My instructor tried me to move on to the 3rd semester where you just read Latin texts... and I was like "asta la vista!!" Those small sentences were hard enough! And to think that I used to complain that French was hard! At least you didn't have to conjucate nouns and move everything in the sencence around!

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Can we see pics of your *shhhh* polygamy?

nova said...

The raglan looks marvy! I can not wait to see it!