Monday, November 26, 2007

90% Handknit Wardrobe?

I came across CosmicPlutoKnits last week, and was thrilled at the notion that other people were also considering an all-knit wardrobe! Well, I have to say, I have no inclination to knit underwear or shoes at this point in my obsession, but other than that, I think I am going to give this a shot! Hurray for Me-knitting!


The first step to an all-knit wardrobe is deciding which pieces are essential for a versatile, stylish gal like myself. So here are the pieces I think I should have. I'm sure I'll be adding to this as I start making things. Some exist already in knit form or not. The rest will have to be created!


  • Cabled Coordinating Hat, Scarf, Gloves (White: Gloves finished; Scarf and hat needed)

  • Cabled Coordinating Hat, Scarf, Gloves (Black: All needed)

  • Driving Coat/Cardigan (Low Hip Length: Needed)

  • Houndstooth Winter Coat (Needed)

  • 3 Shawls (One completed; 2 Needed)

  • Stranded Coordinating Hat, Scarf, Gloves (Polychrome: All needed)

  • Textured Coordinating Hat, Scarf, Gloves (Plum Heather: Gloves and hat needed; mom making scarf)


  • Aran Sweater (One purchased in Galway and handknit so I'm counting it!)

  • Boat Neck Sweater

  • Camisoles

  • Cap Sleeve Sweater

  • Elbow Length Sweater (In progress)

  • Gansey Sweater

  • 2 Long Sleeve Sweaters (One made; 1 needed)

  • Short Sleeve Sweater (One made)

  • T-shirts

  • Turtle Neck Sweater (In progress)


  • Dress Pants (!; Needed))

  • 5 Below the Knee Skirts (One made; 4 needed)

  • 2 pairs Bermuda Shorts (All needed)


  • Strappy Dress (Needed)

  • Sleeveless Dress (Needed)

  • Cocktail Dress (Needed)

  • 2 Summer Dresses (All needed)


  • 4 pairs Anklets (One made; 3 needed)

  • 14 pairs Regular Socks (All needed)

  • Cabled Knee Socks (In progress)

  • 3 pairs of Assorted Knee Socks (3 pairs needed)

  • Embroidered Knee Socks (One needed)

  • 4 pairs Tights (All needed)

  • 1 pair Felted Slippers (One needed)
Edited on 12/92007: Added 3 pairs of knee socks and felted slippers.


Seeing the list is a bit daunting, but looking over my FOs for this year, I realized only a few of them actually were for me. After the mystery project, I'm taking a hiatus from gift knitting. This should give me some much needed time to get some of these items started! I'll make up for the lack of gift knitting in other ways:) Wish me luck!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Good luck, my Little One. - Mom

Stell said...

wow, a whole knit wardrobe, still imagine knowing that youm made everything. did you put slippers/felted on the list?