Sunday, November 11, 2007

Christmas Cheer and Halloween Gifts

I've got 24 days 'til Christmas, and I think I am in pretty good shape with my gift knitting! I'm only knitting a few gifts this year, but I have also joined two KALs, one over at Sexy Knitters Club and one over at Sock Knitters Anonymous. I think it's best to knit for those who will appreciate your hard work, so that leaves a special few. They don't know what they are getting yet, though, so I can't spill the beans until Christmas:)


As promised last week, I cast on for Scala #2 yesterday. Thank goodness AMC was having a Hitchcock night! From the start of the Birds until the end of Psycho, I knit and knit and knit. Sadly because Scala goes excruciatingly slow for me, I only got this far...

But I wasn't pulling my hair out this time, so my coif is thankful, and I am more enthusiastic about finishing these socks (and maybe making myself a pair). If I really work on this a little bit everyday, I should be able to finish in time to mail it around December 19th!


I also am progressing rather quickly on the Riblet Platter #2. I only have the foot and toe left before these socks are ready to be mailed! I could probably finish these over Thanksgiving break. I have to say, even though the gusset decreases are not identical, I really like this pattern. I think I will write it up and post it in my sidebar for those who may want to make it.

I actually think I like Tofutsies now. My allergic reaction to it is much reduced, and I like the feel of this sock on my foot. Perhaps it's time to add some of this yarn to my personal stash.


As promised like a month ago, I have finally reached the bust shaping on the Nantucket Jacket. Unfortunately there are so many stitches on my needle, that it is hard to see.

Nevertheless, I think this jacket is going to be quite pretty when I finish. I also like the decision of making it in Caron. It's soft and drapey which I think are key to the success of this jacket. When the back is finished, I will post another update.


Libby's Halloween Haul

We've had pretty terrible weather in Providence lately, so I was not able to take good photos of the lovely things Libby, my swap partner, sent me. The sun is a-shining, and the leaves are a-falling, so photos come forth:

The Haul
(Sorry for the blurry! My camera doesn't like plastic...)

The Card
(It plays "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"!)

The Yarn
(I named it Blood and Gore)

The Movie
(Again with the plastic...A lovely addition to my Jimmy Collection!)

Thanks again Libby! I think I am going to use your yarn to make a pair of gorey Jaywalkers!


Now that the holiday knitting is somewhat back on track, I will resume gentle rotation. This week, I will work on Rhiannon and 1930s Striped Sweater (in addition to holiday gifts, of course). I will frog 1930s Striped Sweater today and hopefully restart the body on Wednesday at SnB. I think I will swatch some lacey ribs in the round though so I won't have to take this out for the third time! It's already knit on US 1s so the less time I spend frogging it the better:)

Until next time...


Libby said...

Yay! I am so glad that you liked it! :)

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Thanks! Yeah, after wednesday,...I will be a free woman! whoo hoo! Just a couple more days of hell in the form of acadmenics!

I, too, only like to knit for people who appreciate their knitted gifts. But it's really hard to judge who in your family will appreciate it if you haven't knit for them before (like my uncles). So, I hope they at least made a big deal about it just for my sake. And leave me alone about knitting scarfs for a change.

Good luck on your holiday knitting! I hope you post some progress pics soon of them... we need some more crafty sweetness for the eyes. :)