Sunday, November 18, 2007

Seneca's Medea

I've been finishing up a presentation I'm giving tomorrow for my Latin seminar on the chorus in Seneca's tragedies with a focus on his Medea. I just finished it so I can do a quickie post before I head off to bed. I leave for Wisconsin Tuesday morning early, and I still need to finish my laundry and pack! I, of course, have already packed my knitting. I will be taking Nantucket, Mystery Project, Tree Jacket, and Scala. (I plan to fork Riblet Platter tomorrow after class). Four time-consuming projects should be enough for eight days of leisure! I'm hoping to fork two of the four projects so that I only have two left before Christmas time:) A mite ambitious, perhaps, but you gotta seize the time while you have it. Alas, when I return to Providence next Wednesday, it will be time for end-of-the-semester paper hell!

Until next time...

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jwgh said...

Have a great Thanksgiving!