Sunday, December 9, 2007

All Knit Wardrobe Update

Christmas Knitting makes me sad. I've gone from 8 to 4 to 2 knitted gifts and I still have no motiviation to work on them! So pathetic. It's not laziness either, because I have cast on something like 6 projects since I started my Christmas knitting. I guess it's the burden placed on myself. It's not really fun when you have to finish by a deadline. So I think next year I will just give people gifts as the mood strikes me. I can always insist they don't open them until Christmas time:)


I have begun my all-knit wardrobe in earnest. Here's a breakdown of what I have in progress. Not much so far, but the socks are insane!
  • One Cap Sleeve Sweater (already posted)

  • One Elbow Length Sweater (already posted)

  • One Turtle Neck Sweater (already posted)

  • Cabled Knee Socks (already posted)

  • Four Pairs of Socks

Here are some pictures of the socks:

Whimzy Pinzy Toe-Up Socks in Rainforest

One Pair Little Child's Socks
One Pair Eleanora Socks
One Pair Gentleman's Socks in Railway Stitch

That's right! All three pairs of socks listed above (in the order listed) are shown here done at once on 2 circs!) That's six, count 'em, six socks at the same time! And there is no plain stockinette for any of them:) They are all based on vintage or medieval patterns! Hurray for complex sock making for me! I saw this technique somewhere and had to try it. While I acknowledge I may have gone a bit insane, I do need a lot of socks, so I should start cranking them out:) By the way, per Stella's suggestion, I am also adding felted slippers to the list!

Until next time...


Stell said...

as soon as it stops being fun, re-evaluate the hobby, it is meant to be fun isn't it? happy christmas - take care.

Pepper said...

You are so insane with that sock contraption! I love it! Perhaps after I finish my first pair on the DPNs I'll give it a try. I definitely have a touch of SSS going on.

As for gifts, I have one item that I would really like to finish (& start...) then everyone else is just getting a package of yarn with an "IOU" coupon to have me knit it up into something.