Monday, May 26, 2008

And on the seventh day...

Happy Memorial Day!

This last week was a real bear! Man, I didn't think it was possible to cram so much into 7 days... The week began with my first dissertation meeting, followed by SnB, Indiana Jones, Campus Dance, Jakestravaganza, and Recovery. Craft update to follow's a long post. Sorry!


I'll keep this one short and sweet since it's work and I don't like talking shop on holidays:) My project's been approved, and I have one year to turn in my finished dissertation before the money runs out. My first chapter is due June 20!

Indiana Jones IV

OMG! It was soooo good. Though everyone I know who isn't an archaeologist has really disliked it. I guess the boys finally got the science part of it down. My department organized a night out and we all went and hooted and hollered together while the rest of the theater tried to figure out what was so funny...In this case, you had to be there and you had to have excavating experience:) Shia Labeouf was excellent as soft-tough guy Mutt Williams, and the Greasers vs. Socs moment was a phenomenal homage to Outsiders! Priceless. Cate Blanchett was fabulous as usual and for a while I actually forgot she wasn't Russian. Harrison Ford redeemed himself for me. I never really cared much for him as a sex symbol, because I think he's kinda yucky, and I still do, but I found his acting enjoyable, and he was still spry enough to do some good stunts! I'll see it again I'm sure, and possibly buy it too:)

Campus Dance

Brown likes to throw parties, especially for undergrads. Campus Dance is a four hour bacchanalia replete with undergrads and their parents, faculty, and a smattering of graduate students.

I went to the graduate student pre-party with my friend Jeannette.

They always have cake and champagne. I had a lot of champagne, and Jeannette had a lot of cake! It was nice to see people I haven't seen in a while and those I see weekly all dressed up. I also was approached by a boy who I've been intrigued by for weeks. We both spend a lot of time at the same coffee shop and he's kinda quirky and strangely attractive. Imagine my surprise when he came up to me and introduced himself! We chatted for a bit, which was nice. He's pretty interesting, and seems to like traveling:) Bonus!

Anyway, we finally made it to Campus Dance and I got to talk to more people. Jeannette hit on my MA advisor which would have been more awkward if we weren't drunk, and he wasn't used to it! He's a pretty attractive man, I have to say. Jeannette was in a dancing mood, but my feet were sore, and I was enjoying chatting with folks, so she wandered off with some people she knew, and I went to join the archaeology table. Eventually we ended up dancing too, but not until the event was almost over. It was good times, for the first time ever! Did I mention my department is reimbursing for tickets, too? Best department event so far...


My friend Jake's birthday is tomorrow. Since he and most of his friends have real jobs, he decided to have his party on Saturday. It wasn't just one party, though. It was 11 hours of Jake-tastic events. We began the day with a little yarn shopping at a store that is going out of business. Next we went to brunch at one of his favorite restaurants, Liberty Elm. I had the weirdest textured pancakes ever, but they were strangely good, I think. We then left there to go mini golfing. My first time. Yes, really! I suck, and 18 holes was pretty brutal, but it was fun. Next up was dinner at his favorite Cambodian restaurant. I don't do Cambodian, so I headed down the street to my favorite Thai place. Yummy curry! I met back up with the gang at the Cambodian restaurant. Then some of us went for ice cream at a great place down Hope Street. I had my signature brownie sundae! I really need to stop eating them every week...But they're soooo good. Anyway, having only slept 4 hours post-Campus Dance, I couldn't make it to the evening concert. I tried, I really did, but I'm sure Jake was sick of me by then anyway:)


I went to bed early Saturday night because I was feeling pretty worn out and a little ill again. I woke up bright and early Sunday (7am), packed up my laptop and books, and headed for the coffee shop. I was really unmotivated, but I managed to get 45 pages of dense Roman calendar information process and noted before giving up and going home. BUT -- the boy from Campus Dance showed up toward the end of my session, and we talked. Like I told my mom, he's not my "type" and I don't know him at all, but I was really excited to see and talk to him. Irrational, but what can I say...I've already over-analyzed it and obsessed, so now I think I will take my own advice and just see what happens. Thinking only gets me in trouble:)


I have gotten some crafting done this week, even with my crazy deadline. I finished my Laptop Condom and matching accessories bag. I can fit the power cord, mouse, and head phones in the bag! I'm quite happy with how functional this set is.

I've also been trudging along on Wisp. I am almost half way through it. Slowly but surely:)

And I have spun my first 2 ply yarn using my Louet drop spindle. I thought I was doing better than I was, but this was not the case, since there are unplied section in the singles that basically untwisted in the plying process. I'm not sure what will happen when I try to knit with it, but I guess I'll just have to find out. Luckily there wasn't much of this fiber to mess up, and it was cheap. It was really fun using some decent fiber that was not full of hay and bugs! Much more civilized, I think:) I'm hoping to spin up some more of the fiber I bought so I can actually knit something substantial like a hat or fingerless gloves. We'll see how it goes though. My mom was so cute. I told her I was having trouble with my spinning last night, and that I thought it might be easier with a wheel, and she volunteered to buy me one! Our conversation went a little something like this... " you won't. They're ridiculously expensive." What are they...$1000?" "Well, my friend Sarah says I could get a decent one for about $600..." "Hmm..." "I'll do just fine with my drop spindle, until I get a real job and some more space." "Oh alright." Such a cute little mom, I have:) Behold! 2-ply!

Post plying and tied into a hank

A little bath time fun sans rubber ducky

Hangin' around, waiting to dry

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Very interesting ramblings, My Little One, and very cute. Laptop condom? Strange, but accurately descriptive.

jwgh said...

Thanks for participating in so many of my ridiculous birthday activities on Saturday! As if I didn't have enough other stuff planned, you even came along for the Yarns at Lace Wings pre-birthday extravaganza trip. I salute you!

(The Wholebellies show was fun, though. I did fall asleep in the back of AS220 while the Gnomes were playing because I was so tired.)

bySarah said...

I am on overload from the sheer volume of info in this update. I am so glad I got to catch up on your weekend. All of your events sound fun...and your sewing and spinning looks AMAZING!!

Jennifer said...

Glad you are getting some rest!

juicyknits said...

Oh, Indiana Jones! This is on this week's schedule for me.