Friday, June 27, 2008

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Greetings all! I admit that I have been incredibly lazy this last month. Well, it's not exactly laziness, because I have been quite productive. Rather, it is a burning desire to spend my time being productive that has sabotaged my blogging!

First, I finished 3/4's of my first dissertation chapter last Friday. I have been working on that for the last month, and it took up a lot of my writing energy. Second, I met a boy or two. Lame, yes, I know. We have not been spending every moment together, but nevertheless, it has also taken away some of my will to write. And most importantly (a word?), I have been crafting! Quilting, embroidering, and knitting. But, never fear folks, because to quote Randy Quaid from Independence Day, "I'm baaaaaaaack!"


As some of you may know, I have a year of funding left. The goal is to finish my dissertation in that year. Possibly doable, possibly not. We'll see. I may have to apply for grants for an extra year of money. But I'm off to a good start. On June 20th, I submitted about three-fourths of my first chapter on the Codex-Calendar of 354 and its applicability to numismatics (coins) and social memory. I was missing some key pieces of information that I am still searching for, but this is a good start. Now I have to wait for my advisors to rip it to shreds and rewrite it... That will be unpleasant...

The Male Sex

Let's just say I've been having a good time over the last few weeks. I met an older man who seemed to embody almost all the qualities I was looking for in a guy: smart, funny, athletic, a sports fan, a gentleman. Unfortunately, last night I discovered that he has some qualities I am absolutely not looking for in a guy: evangelist, judgmental, stodgy, needy. For me the bad qualities trump the good, so I don't think I will be seeing him again. The second guy I met a few months ago and we had a very good evening last Saturday. He'll be out of the country for another few weeks though, so we'll see what happens on that front. If nothing else, he's great company:)


I've been working on a rug panel since the beginning of time! The problem is that I started on the pretty central panel and now I am stuck with square after square of dark brown background cross stitch. Sigh... But in an effort to get it off the frame, I sat down for about three consecutive nights, and actually made some decent progress. I have actually done more than shown, but this at least shows the pretty part well!

The Rug: Tile 1 out of 8

Once I finish some of my knitting projects, I hope to work more on this so it doesn't see the light of day in 2009!


I have actually been working on WIPs! Joy of joys. And you know what? It feels pretty good. This new-found dedication to past projects isn't something new at all. I go through these spots every few months or so. The difference this time, is I am actually close to finishing something started almost a year ago: Nantucket Jacket! I woke up one morning, and I looked at the green mess in my knitting bag, and I thought, You can not continue on like this for another year. Only two-thirds of a front and two sleeves? Get it done! And that is exactly what I have been doing. I finished the left front on Wednesday before SnB, and then cast on for the first sleeve. I am close to finishing that sleeve. Only one more increase and a few more rows for length before I can shape the cap. Then it's on to sleeve #2 and the edging! Sew on a few buttons, and that sweater is forked! I'd like to finish it before I leave for home on Tuesday, but that might be a bit ambitious. On verra...

Nantucket Progress

I have also been working a little on my Vintage sweater, and Picovili, which I hope to finish while I'm home relaxing in Sunny WI! I have also started a mystery project that will be part of a larger project I plan to call "The Business Collection." Here's a sneek peak:) Can you tell what it is?

I'm pretty excited about it since I think it will be greatly appreciated and much worn.


My friend Kathryn is having a baby boy. Upon hearing the news I immediately started planning things I could knit for her. Her thoughtless mother, however, beat me to everything. Blanket, booties, onesies. You name it and her mother's already made it! The nerve of some people. So, feeling at a loss, I pondered what I could make that she wouldn't already have...a baby quilt. I've been wanting to learn to quilt for a long time. I've dabbled before, but never followed through with something usable. I am now close to finishing my first quilt. Look!
Hour Glass Quilt, Pre-Sandwich

It's not perfect by any stretch, and I am still annoyed at some of the joins, but I made it with my own two hands (and my machine)! I am now in the process of hand quilting the sandwich together which is an interesting exercise in patience and humility. I love it! I plan to make at least two other quilts, and can't seem to stop buying fabric for them...I will restrain myself for the rest of the summer, though. I only need on huge piece of white on white before I can begin my red and white quilt. I like to have all the pieces ready before I start so I'm not disappointed when I can't find something later. Thanks to Sarah, Katie, and Alice for getting me hooked on nice fabrics and cute New England quilting stores!

Until next time...


Jennifer said...

You have been so busy! Everything looks great, and good man vibes heading your way in the dating department. Good dissertation vibes to you too. Graduate school is an adventure of endurance and thick-skinnedness.

juicyknits said...

You've got loads of energy: knitting, embroidery and a quilt. Amazing. Oh, and a dissertation!

bySarah said...

Awesome updates on all accounts. I like that embroidery.