Sunday, July 13, 2008

Slowly...but surely

It's been a crazy week. Brunch, lunch, and dinner plans abounded this week with Sarah, Jenna, Katie, Robin, and Jeannette. All dining experiences were much enjoyed! Thanks gals! I also went to another city's summer music festival. This weekend was the culmination of Providence's Sound Sessions. I wasn't super impressed with the outdoor music, but the people watching was fantastic! It also was an opportunity to watch city-sanctioned outdoor drinking...weird. I also finally made it to a local gallery/musical space, AS220, to see a band a friend of mine recommended - Wrong Reasons. They were a really good hard rock/bluegrass band that really surprised me. I liked all their songs, and plan to go to another show when they're in town again. Despite the festivities, I've made some craft progress thanks to my week-long vacation in WI, SnB stubbornness, and movie night at Jake's.

A Big, Green Pile of Mess
Nantucket Jacket
I finally finished all the pieces to Nantucket!!!!! When I started this project I was worried about the final step of sewing it together. For Christmas, my mom gave me a finishing techniques book that I assumed would help me with this cardigan. And it would help...if the cardigan edges weren't in pattern! Now that I am done, I realize my worst fears have come to pass. I can't imagine how I am going to seam this project together. I tried lining up the elements, but then the side pieces didn't extend all the way to the edge. I tried lining up the edges, but then the elements didn't line up!!!!! I ripped out the seams twice, and was still at a loss. Aaaaggghhhhh! So what am I going to do? Two possibilities. 1) Try to seam it slowly in pattern mixing stockinette and garter techniques. 2) Pick out the bind off and add two rows of stockinette so I can seam the pieces using my finishing book. For a few days, though, I'm going to leave the project in heap and come back to it when I have a coherent plan...

The Socks of Doom
I am a little over one repeat and a toe away from weaving in the ends on this horror of a project. I think I will officially rename this the sock of doom, because it is really the worst sock project I have ever knitted! As I think I have said before, I feel like the culprit here is the yarn, Baby Dale of Norway. It's just a little too thick, and not very elastic knitted on US1. So I guess what I should admit is that I chose a poor substitute for this sock. But...there is light at the end of the tunnel. One more week, and this project will be forked. Praise be the lord! And perhaps all the effort may have been worth it in the end. What do you think?

The Business Collection
This is still mystery knitting, so I can't say much and I can't post pictures. Phase 1 is about 35% done though:)

Quilt, quilt, quilt to my loo...
Hour Glass Quilt
I am getting better at hand quilting. At least I am getting faster, which is something, I guess. I'm not sure exactly when the baby is due. I figure if I can finish this by the first week of August, I am in a good position to gift it before the baby arrives. So far, I love how it is turning out, and the quilted stitch looks great on the backing. I have to step up my stitching schedule, though. Out of 30 squares, I have only quilted 8 of them! Maybe I'll shoot for one a day during the week, and two a day on the weekend. I also still have to do the border, and figure out the binding.

Looks like I will be lugging my quilt and Scala around with me this week!

Until next time...


bySarah said...

Ooooh! Your quilting looks good!

And, congrats on the sock of doom being almost complete.

Anonymous said...

Very lovely quilt, My Little One. So, why is the Business Collection a secret? (Hmmmmmmmm....) - Mom

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Great WIPs!
You can also block the heck out of the jacket...and maybe they will line up better for sewing! lol. Look at me, I'm quite the cheater.

Pretty socks too!