Sunday, September 21, 2008

It's Time to Hold the Countin'

Cold Comfort Farm is one of my all-time favorite movies. Like Aunt Ada, I find that often it is necessary to take a count of the things residing under my roof. She counted relatives, I count WIPs!

Once a year, I try to come clean about the number of projects I have on the needles and my intentions toward said projects. That time has come. What has hibernated for too long? What's hopeless? What needs a change of needle or technique? I am sad to say that one project is a carry over from last year's list and I have added quilting to my addiction:(

Here's the hit list (from oldest to newest):

My First Aran Afghan
Hibernating since January 12, 2008. Apparently I planned to make this for a baby so I could finish it, but forgot again. That actually makes this project more appealing. Hmm....

Victorian Floor Rug
Begun in 2004 when I actually was employed full-time. This was an ill-advised project because it takes forever, and I'm positive I will never actually put it on the floor. Nevertheless, I do think it's pretty, and will probably turn it into a pillow someday in the distant future.

1930s Striped Sweater
Hibernating since June 12, 2008. I really need to keep plugging away on this so I can finally move on to another vintage project. I at least want to have a few stripes done by November. I thought magic-looping this would make a difference in productivity, but well... not so much! Intarsia in the round takes forever! Especially on US 1 needles... I keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end, but who knows.

Rhiannon Socks
Hibernating since February 10, 2008. I just need to commit to frogging this sock so I can finish up this pattern without the cuff, completing my first knee socks that fit. Maybe instead of frogging it and beginning again, I'll just start over with new needles and a new skein of yarn. Then maybe it won't feel so gut-wrenching! Hmm...I have learned to magic-loop since I began these. Two at a time might be the way to go on such intricate socks. Sounds like a plan to me. I will tackle these post Roundabout.

Baby Hourglass Quilt
My first real attempt at hand-quilting. It became rather tedious to lug around and difficult to maneuver the small, thin quilting needles without breaking them, so I put this aside. I've missed the baby anyway, so now I think this will be a practice quilt on which I teach myself machine quilting. No real end date on this until I buy a walking foot. And then I suppose I can just keep this in storage until someone else I like has a baby:)

Bento Box Quilt
My first queen-sized quilt. I have been piecing the top by machine and plan to machine quilt the sandwich together once I buy my walking foot. I love the layout I came up with! I chose cool colors so I could have a relaxing bedspread in the winter. Plus cool colors make sense in wintertime! Each color (blue, green, and purple) will need 14 large squares made up of 4 small squares - 2 light, 2 dark.

I've made good progress. I have completed all 56 blue squares, 28 green squares and 8 purple squares. I've cut the remaining fabric into 18" X 42" pieces so that I can easily cut 3" strips. I hope to cut all the strips so I can sew a few together as time permits. If I work on this for a few hours a week, I should be able to get the whole top pieced by mid-late October! Then the hard part starts...

3-Hour Sweater (Ravelympics)
Started for Ravelympics and horribly tedious. I only have one more sleeve and an edging to crochet on to finish, but I just can't bring myself to do it:( I really dislike the fiddly nature of this sweater. Maybe I will make this an end of the month goal. It's probably the closest to being complete-able... Ugh!

Vinterblomster Mittens (Ravelympics)
Started for Ravelympics. I got stymied at the top flowers. The floats are confusing me. The red will only run across the front, which means I would have to carry the red all the way across the back. I realized today, however, that I can just twist the yarn every 5 stitches or so to prevent my fingers from catching, so it's full steam ahead on this as soon as I make some more quilt squares...

Roundabout Socks (Ravelympics)
Started for Ravelympics. A prime example of how arrogance will get you. I just knew I could knit these socks in 4 days. I even left them until the final days of the Olympics, so sure I was of my ability. Well, weeks later, they're still on the needles. I've finished the cuff, heel flap, heel turn, and gusset decreases, so I am in the final stretch. Since I am making them 2-at-a-time, they'll also be finished at the same time. I'll shoot for the end of the month on these too!

Mystery Project
My lips are sealed, but I have been working on this steadily for about a week...

Until next time...


bySarah said...

its nice to see someone else has a whole bunch of wips too!!

Jennifer said...

You've got a lovely set of WIPs there!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...'ve got a lot of WIPs goin' on! Kudos to you! Keep it up! :)

Pepper said...

I need to face my own hibernating wips one of these days... I'm sad to hear the 3 hour sweater is tedious! I just added it to my queue a few days ago and I was psyched about it. Sounds like maybe it's not really a 3 hour project? lol...