Sunday, May 24, 2009

43 down...27 to go!

Folks...I have been out of control. My crafts have taken over my life again, which is bad because I need to work on a dissertation chapter, find a job, possibly move, and make use of my newly purchased guitar. Sigh...I suppose productivity in one aspect of one's life should be a cause of joy. So I will share my joy with you! quilting insanity. Shoot! I haven't posted new blocks since #12...brace yourself...this post is gonna be HUGE! I should also mention that I bought backing and binding fabric today in addition to a ton of quilting thread and some more black for the piecing...woot! I think this quilt is actually gonna make it to the finish line this summer!


ilex said...
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ilex said...

Really beautiful. You're making so much progress. Quilts are the real deal.

Dissertation chapter, meh. Moving is for the birds. And a job? Employment for money is too recent in human evolution- hasn't been proven out yet.

Jennifer said...

I'm loving all those blocks!!! Hey, crafts are supposed to take over your life. :-)