Monday, August 31, 2009

The End of Summer

I have been on hiatus. Working two jobs plus free-lancing can really take a way a girl's will to blog. And how! I have quit one job, and replaced it with a teaching job! I will finally fid out if I enjoy being a professor. It's an Art History survey from Prehistoric to Gothic, which should be fun. It has also given me inspiration to create some fiber arts! Here's what I plan to work on this fall. Thanks to Nova for asking the question!

The Knitting
Berry and Bramble Cardigan
Central Park Hoodie
Tie-Back Shell
Gentleman's Sock with Lozenge Pattern
Gentleman's Half Hose in Ringwood Pattern
Gentleman's Winter Sock with Dutch Heel
Karma Skirt

The Quilting
9-Patch Quilt
5" Square Lap Quilt

The Crocheting
Crocheted Hair Nets

The Spinning
Spin 4 oz mohair/wool to DK (drop spindle)
Spin 8 oz icelandic wool to DK (drop spindle)

What are you working on this fall?

Until next time...

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~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Thanks for the compliment! :) However, I don't think there is much hope for Joe. He'd rather just let me knit. lol.