Saturday, October 10, 2009

Whoa, Nelly!

I have been really busy lately. What's new, right? But I've started TAing an Urban Studies class on the city, and while my responsibilities aren't too cumbersome, the professor is a bit challenging. This + teaching + web job + dissertation has left very little craft time. What's a girl to do? Start something new of course! Cosmicpluto Knits published a new pattern, the Sagano Shawl, and for once, I knew I had to make it immediately!

Pretty, no? So I bought the pattern and wound the yarn. I will be working on this as my bus travel project as soon as I complete my mystery project :) I'm very excited to make this textured beauty. I also need to find an hour a day to work on my sweater projects, because I can't lug those on the bus and they are not getting finished...sigh.

Until next time...


Iris said...

We missed you yesterday. We repacked your "Shep" and brought it with us in case you wanted to card the rest.

Love the new project!

Sarah said...

Hi! I went to the ballet in Boston last night, and it would have been too crazy to attend the guild meeting too...but I'm sad I didn't get to see you guys and attend the carding party! It's been ages since I've spun, so hopefully as I get more work done I can rejoin guild activities...and re-meet Shep :) Thank you for keeping him at your house!