Friday, July 20, 2007

Still Knitting Compulsively

I'm back from Greece, and relaxing in part in Wisconsin. I realized yesterday on my way down to meet my mom for lunch that my friend Robin'd wedding (in London no less!) is fast approaching and I still have to knit her a blue garter! Luckily my local knitting shop, Ruhama's, had Elle Stretch DK, a beautiful acrylic and elasticized polyester yarn, in a lovely royal blue. I set out to create a pattern yesterday, which worked fairly well, except there's currently no ruffle. Basically I have a 2X2 rib body with a row of eyelets for the lace ribbon to weave into. I just need to figure out a ruffle or lacey pattern! That being said, I think I should be able to finish it today:) Optimistic, I know...I'll post pictures when I'm finished. More to come once the garter is in the mail, including pictures of the washcloths I knit while in Greece, an update on my "knee-his", and continued frustrations on the vintage sweater!

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