Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Knitting Blues

I'm a bit down on my knitting at the present. Today I worked really hard on my dissertation prospectus which went really well, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to knit now. I think I'm in a school's-coming-fast-and-furious funk. Don't get me wrong, I miss my friends and my apartment, but I don't miss graduate school. Boy is it taxing! I have one more exam to pass, and then I have to write a book! Well, not quite, but it's almost as long as one:( And to think about how stressed I was last year, and all the weight I gained, and the little knitting I could do... Aggghhhhh! Okay, sanity is slowly returning. I have a little under two weeks to enjoy my freedom, and I should spend them working on things I won't have as much time for later. I'll knit a bit tonight to try to shake this funk, and then I'll read my murder mystery book! I just won't think about the flight back to Providence...

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