Monday, August 13, 2007

Walking in Acrylic Wonderland

Sunday morning I woke super early...7:15!!! It was quite upsetting, especially since this is my last week at home before heading back to Providence. Anyway, I decided to make the most of it by unpacking some of the things I'd left behind three years ago. I found my old pointe shoes, a pair of unworn pointe shoes, my leotards from the last two levels I was in at Milwaukee Ballet, pilates, yoga, and stretching books, a foot massager!, all my cookbooks (Julia, Betty, and Joy), and...bags and bags of unwanted yarn.


First off was a huge bag of about 9 skeins of Lana Grossa Inserto (gauge 14 X 17 per 4 inches)I bought it to make the Amish rug in one of IKs past issues. I took that huge bag to Portugal with me my very first excavation season. Well, as I worked the yarn, I really began to hate the weird orange and green "stripes" it was making. I think it would look great in someone else's house...just not mine! I'd love to swap with someone, because although it's a well made yarn and Lana Grossa after all, it cannot stay in my possession.


Then I opened up another plastic bag and found...I kid you not...14-16 partially used skeins of Red Heart!!!! I made my friends little travel pillows my first year of grad school and figured Red Heart would be easy for them to care for. I used a lot of colors so I had a lot of colors left over. And just when I thought my stash was finally being purged of acrylics. I don't know about the average knitter, but I now have two stashes separated by 1000 miles! The ridiculousness of this discovery lasted only a few minutes. I resolved at that point to have a "Mom's House" project: the Fish Blanket! So I have started making her a chair afghan for her chair at work.


In addition to all the Red Heart and the Lana Grossa, my mom had a stash of Bernat Softee Baby in pink. It's so soft. I think I will take that as well and start on a baby blanket. One of my friends is bound to have a baby within the next year or so. Better to be prepared!


hakucho said...

Lucky you finding all that red heart yarn for the fish blanket. The colors are perfect. I really like the bright colors :)

Thanks for visiting my blog! I can't help you with the simply soft, but my fish are all approximately 8"...some a little smaller, some bigger. I used all types of simply soft. I used size 8 US needles. My blanket is pretty big. 16 rows of eight fish. It fits the top of a queen sized bed. You said in your entry you wanted a chair afghan...good luck making it smaller -maybe cut it in half? :) Sorry I'm not much help.

happy knitting :)

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Gosh, you should feel good about one thing: there are people out there with a worse acryllic stash than you (*shhh* being me)!

Thanks for the back-to-blogland greeting! It's always a nice feeling having people happy to see you back! (or that they noticed you took an absence for a