Monday, October 15, 2007

Ravelry and Jack Nicholson

Today was the best day so far this school year! First off, I am making good progress on my prospectus, so I think I can actually finish it off by Friday! Whew... It's really a bear though:) Second, the yarn for my yarn swap partner arrived today, so I don't have to stress out anymore that it won't show up on time! I can send the package off this week!

But these two things are nothing compared to what happened to me right before my Seneca seminar! While at the library (and preparing to complain about the lack of decent computer equipment in the makeshift Grad Clusters), I met (saw) one of the greatest actors of all time - Jack Nicholson!!! Apparently his daughter goes to Brown or something. But who cares why he was in the Rockefeller Library! He was wearing a dark grey suit and sun glasses. He even spoke and I got to hear the "voice" in person!!!

And then when I got home, and decided to check my email before starting back in on my prospectus, the world came to a halt. You guessed it...Ravelry! I finally got my invite!!!! Woohoo! So, after I finish my dinner and have some ice cream, this will officially be the best day of Fall 2007!

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Pepper said...

For my thesis in college I had to use a really old book that was in special collections in the library and you weren't allowed to bring anything into the room with you - they would give you note paper and a pencil and watch you like a hawk. So, yeah I had to practically live in that icy cold room for a week. I feel your pain.

P.S. Turtle is super cute!! I want to finish my Sheldon army soon, but school is totally kicking my butt.