Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Horror...No Really

Today's post will be short and sweet. I got braces on Thursday (and sent off my Fiberflix package to my swap partner), saw a terrible ballet on Friday, went to Whipple Fire which was awesome on Saturday, and spent the rest of the week and all of today working on my dissertation prospectus and correcting midterms. Do people really understand kinship theory?!?!

You may be wondering, "what knitting did she do this week?" Freaking good question! Not a whole lot. I did manage to finish Scala Sock #1, and cast on for Tree Jacket. I'll post pictures when we have better light. Other than that, I'm afraid I probably won't be able to knit much until after next weekend when I have to turn in my prospectus for final review. Blech!

Until next time...


Anonymous said...

Chin up, My Little Bunny. - Mom

Stell said...

Hey, i probably do understand kinship theory, or would if i was in a class you taught. I never cease to wonder at the lack of understanding shown in the essays my 1st years hand in, and they have sat thru 18x1.5 hour lectures breaking it all down into little pieces.

Any way - I've just popped over to say its a lucky day, you are my 'randomly selected', 10,000 visitor, thanks for calling in to see what I'm up to, and stopping to chat via the comments, If you send your postal address or another suitable delivery address to, I've got a wee thank to to post. Cheers, and thanks again.


cheers, Stella

Stell said...

oopps, Im not sure if my work email ate your email thinking it was junk, it has been known to happen, or if it was typed wrong, but no email yet, so maybe send again, or send to my home one,

sorry, and i'm sure you did say thanks,