Sunday, October 28, 2007

Halloween Madness

I finally turned my dissertation prospectus in on Thursday, so I gave myself this weekend "off" to enjoy some much needed R&R. Only problem with that is the whole Halloween thing:) I was busy from Friday morning on! I was nearly comatose today, but still managed to read some Latin! Go me! Sufficed it to say I am still in need of some R&R. The three Halloween parties I went to yesterday, however, were so worth it! My Halloween costume? Me 10 years ago:) Once I stop being lazy I will post actual pictures of me in my get-up. For now, though, back to knitting.


Updates. I mentioned last week that I finished Scala #1! Here is a picture of it:

The foot is a bit long and thin for the intended recipient, but hopefully it will work out. This cable pattern leaves very little room for error. No stretch at all!

I also started Tree Jacket which so far is working well:

A lot of people seem to have a problem with the spiraling, but as of right now, I kind of like it:)

Finally, I finished Riblet Platter #1.

Tofutsies is a little hard to work with because it is really slippery. I find that adding a little extra lotion to my hands before I knit this helps keep a grip on it:)


Rotation hiatus. I realized last week that it has taken me two months to finish the Scala sock and the Riblet Platter sock. There is almost exactly two months between now and Christmas. Ergo? I need to stop mucking around and get to it! Which leads me to a sad realization. My quest for the perfect rotation, I fear, is the reason these socks have taken so long to knit. Yes I finished Sheldon and my Sweet and the Spanish Dancer socks, but the actual gift items are not finished! So for this week, I will only be allowed to work on these two socks with the possible addition of My Raglan which is very close to being finished, and would actually free up some rotation space. All is not lost just yet. A little determination, and that elusive knitting gnome, and I should be able to fork these projects pre-Christmas!

Until next time...

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Stell said...

nothing like a deadline, both with the dissertation prospectus and the xmas knitting to motivate a person.

Hope that box arrives soon to cheer you up!