Monday, October 29, 2007

Oh Happy Day!

It's here! My magic box from Stella has arrived! And what lovely goodies it contained:) Thank you, Stella! It really did make my day...I took it with me to Seneca:) Before I show everyone the goods, I must show you the bad.

Here's me in my Halloween costume. This photo is a little revealing, but I was several sheets to the wind at this point! The people flanking me are my friends Katrin and Eoin. Katrin is dressed up as a famous German man (she's a German woman), and Eoin is an Irish philosophy grad student (he is himself), although much more dapper than usual in this particular hat. What can I say, I like a man in a hat!

Alrighty, now that I have embarrassed myself, here is a visual panoply of Stella's generosity:

The Haul (with the Sprout Bag as canvas)

I can use the bag for my many WIPs!

The Card

The Yarn
(2 225m hanks of Hand-dyed Semi-Solid Seaweed Forest)
gorgeous color!

The Buttons
(by SSK)
super cute floral design!

The Jade Stitch Markers
(authentic Maori Ponamu)
Possibly too pretty to use, but I'll try!

The Kite (kit-a)
(Maori flax basket)
Simply lovely:)

Hurray for blog contests and giveaways! I'll have to start thinking about my 100th post giveaway now:)

Until next time...

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Stell said...

So glad you like it, it was fun to put together, and I loved how the green pained yarn worked out, so really interested in how it knits up.