Sunday, November 4, 2007

End-of-the-Semester Burn Out

It's finally November, and I am exhausted! I'm only taking two classes, but TA-ing and my dissertation are sucking away my life force. Luckily I have knitting to help me unwind. The problem is that my Holiday knitting is stressing me out too. So I am imposing a moratorium on single-project knitting. Now that I am close to finishing the Riblet Platter sock, I can resume my sweater knitting:)


This week I will be trying to regain some of my sanity and shut-eye by knitting myself to sleep. The selected projects: Tree Jacket, Nantucket Jacket, My Raglan Sweater, and yes, even Riblet Platter. I decided to change the color of my Tree Jacket from black to autumn red. I think the sweater design is a little too unique to try and pass it off as another basic black sweater. Instead, I will use the black to make the Bubble Cable Dolman from the Winter 2007 IK. Before next Sunday, I will also cast on for Scala #2. It may change from a Christmas present to a birthday present. And you know what? That's okay! She doesn't even know they're coming...


Since I haven't forked anything this week or produced any visually stimulating project pictures, I thought I would post pictures from my latest purchases. Hurray for yarn therapy!

Aunt Lydia's Classic Crochet Thread

Peaches & Creme

Caron Simply Soft

Until next time...

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