Monday, January 7, 2008

The L Word! (and an update)

Somehow, in the time warp that is my vacation life, I lost track of the premiere date and time of my favorite show, The L Word. Luckily it was shown multiple times tonight. I'm so excited for this season. Last season was pretty tumultuous, and I hope the writers can continue to develop the characters and create interesting storylines. With Dexter ending a few weeks ago, Sunday had become a bit of a black hole. Now I can turn the TV on again!


I don't have any pictures of my progress since we have been having pretty thick fog here in Milwaukee, but I am happy to report my New Year's Resolutions are starting out well. The Eleanora socks (December SKA Challenge: Miriam Felton) are now 20% done. This pattern is really fiddly, but I love how they are turning out. I didn't realize how elegant a sock one could make with just knits and purls. As for the Monkey socks I am making for the January SKA Challenge: Cookie A , I finished one tonight! The pattern is as easy to follow as everyone says, and I am super happy with the fit. Like a glove! The yarn is also fantastic, Reynolds Wash Day Wool. It says on the label it is a yarn for baby clothes, but I think it works really well for socks knit on US1s. Great stitch definition, stretch, and strength. I also started teaching myself how to sew things by hand. No, not just buttons and hems. Proper things like bags. I hope to finish the bag before I return to Providence, but sewing seams takes me forever since I have to sew through two layers of fabric and heavy interfacing.

Right now I am resisting the urge to cast-on any new projects. Once I finish Eleanora and Monkey, I will try to knit up the remaining yarn on my Mystery Project so I know how many additional skeins I will need to order to finish in time. The deadline for that one is fast approaching! Yikes! I also hope to get halfway finished with the Gentleman's Sock and Little Child's Sock. And of course there's still Scala...sigh:(

Until next time...

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