Thursday, January 17, 2008

Procrastination: Stitch Markers

I realize I am a bit tardy with my post. The truth is between translating Latin hymns everyday, working on a conference abstract, and trying to finish up my vacation knitting, I was too exhausted Sunday to write anything. Well, that and the new hobby I developed in the interim: stitch markers! Before I get to the pictures of the first crop of stitch markers, a brief knitting update.

Although the relationship was incredibly volatile and abusive, Eleanora and I have come to an understanding. I put some faith in her, and she behaves mostly like I want. I hope to finish heel flap #2 and the gusset tomorrow and then finish both feet on the plane back to Providence next Tuesday.

I started and finished my first felting project: an iPod cozy. The stitches didn't obliterate as much as I would have liked, but considering I felted it by hand, I like the finished product. Now it needs some velcro and a little hand embroidering, which also will come when back in Providence. I also knit and felted one Double-Cuff mitten. I'm happy with it, but I need to finish the second one, because I am fairly sure I will run out of yarn. The first one took way more than the pattern called for, although I did alter it significantly;) I will probably go to my LYS Friday to get another skein. I hope they have the same dye lot! I hate when this happens:(

Scala, Little Child, and Gentleman's Railway are stagnant. Unfortunately, so is the mystery project. Crappers! I needed to finish that like a week ago so I could figure out how much more yarn I need to order. Oops! I better just order more than I think I'll need to be on the safe side.

I also need to finish the handbag I started. I'm also making this by hand, which hurts and takes forever! No money or room for a sewing machine. I would prefer not to take stick pinned items onto the plane!

Okay, now for the eye candy!!!


I admit that I don't really have a clue about how to make jewelry. I used to make friendship bracelets, and I can put a pendant on a piece of string or leather, but really that's about the extent of my skills. Imagine my delight when I read that i could make jewelry for my knitting! I found two super helpful tutorials online: Sheep in the City and wormspit. After reading through them both a few times, I thought, "Maybe I can make a few. Just to see." I went to the only bead store I know of in Milwaukee, where I bought a few practice beads and a travel-sized pliers. It's something like three inches long. No wire cutter, though. Just used kitchen shears. I wanted to invest the minimum until I was sure this would work. After a few hours with the pliers and beads, I sort of got the hang of the technique. A few days later I went back and bought a lot of beads! Here's what I was able to make with some of them! I haven't named them yet:) Sorry for the blurry! My camera doesn't like shiny.

Until next time...


Jennifer said...

Very pretty stitch markers!

Stell said...

very nice! beads make a nice addition to stash don't they?

Zelphia said...

Your stitch markers look wonderful!!! I too, started making a few, just to see if I could...hundreds of markers later, I still make new ones when I start a new project. But, hey, each project deserves its own jewlery!