Sunday, February 17, 2008

Knitting? Me? Not so much.

Alas, I must admit, the rigors of the semester have taken their toll on my knitting:( I have a big presentation coming up, so I have not been knitting much. I have managed to go to the gym twice this week, but that means less time for yarn play.


I made quite a boo-boo at SnB last week, which means I STILL have not finished the back of Nantucket! Ugh! Tonight during Masterpiece Theatre's Pride and Prejudice(Colin Firth!), I corrected the mis-twisted cables and got within one inch of the end! Thank goodness that is over! With the worst behind me (knock on wood), I plan to finish the back this week. I only have about 7 rows more before I shape the shoulders.

Sans Distraction

I have also been working a bit on the Sans Distraction socks. Basically I started these socks so I would have something mindless to knit at SnB, during movies, and out with friends. I cannot keep count, twist cables the right direction, or remember lace repeats in front of people, be they real or televised. It has taken a long time to figure this out! Now that I have, I think life will be much simpler. I'm using Hipknits 100% Merino sock yarn, and I love it so far. It's weird because I am making these socks as part of the February Sock Knitters Anonymous challenge over on Ravelry. I have to boldly make a heel that I have never made before. So...I am making a toe-up sock with gusset and heel flap! I'm pretty intrigued by this whole business, and so far I think it looks very bizarre. But I am trusting the pattern, and just going with it. When I have finished the heel, I'll post a picture:)

This Week's Plan

  • Finish the presentation!
  • Finish the back of Nantucket.
  • Finish one Sans Distraction sock.
  • Cast-on both fronts of Nantucket!

Until next time...

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