Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscars and Project Success

Tonight was the 80th Academy Awards. Truth be told, I've been so busy and uninspired by many of the films, that I had only seen a handful of the nominated film: Lars and the Real Girl, No Country for Old Men, Persepolis, the Savages. So it was a bit disappointing when the two films I wanted to win (Lars and Persepolis) didn't win. But I was excited for Marion Cottillard who was a breath of fresh air, and I will probably rethink my Juno decision and see that some time soon. I really disliked No Country For Old Men, but I am going to file it away in that box that the English Patient went into: long, boring, and incomprehensible. I think next year I will make more of an effort to see more movies so that when they are nominated, I can be a better judge of deservability. I usually see a lot of films, but this whole grad school thing kinda gets in the way sometimes:) I just really had no clue. Though (WARNING: RANT APPROACHING) what the heck is up with those songs!?!?! I know the Oscars feel like they should have some music, but having three drony songs from the same movie! Give me a freaking break. Anyone in their right mind could spot the winner with one ear tied behind their backs! Aren't there original songs from movies people actually saw? Maybe there aren't, I don't really know, but it seems like there should be or if not... I am going to make a bold request to the Academy: ditch the music. You're supposed to be about moving pictures, not insipid musical numbers. And by the by, you could probably keep the show to 2.5 hours if you cut the music. And where was Brad Renfro in the Memoria?!?! Ridiculous. Anywho, thus endeth the rant. On to yarn and sticks.


This week I gave my first professional talk! I had to do a lot of work for it, so I got very little knitting done, and I skipped SnB, which never happens! I was able to fit in a bit of knitting from Thursday on, and here's what I accomplished since last week.

Nantucket Jacket

The back is finished. I still need to weave in some ends, but that can wait. I plan to cast on the fronts some time this week. I planned to do it last week, but there are only so many hours in a day.

Sans Distraction Socks

Thanks to David, I was able to work the gusset and heel turn on these socks, which I just could not get right using the Widdershins pattern. His cookbook, was super helpful, though it did make a very small heel flap. The sock fits great, but I'm not sure I would take the time on future toe-ups to work the gusset and heel. Really takes more time than it's worth. This week I plan to finish sock #1, and cast on sock #2. I have to speed these up a bit, since the March Sockdown Challenge is looming...

Until next time...

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