Sunday, March 2, 2008

Resolutions 2-Month Update!

Well, it’s time for the 2-Month Check-up:) Have I kept any resolutions? Have I met any goals? Have I completely bombed on some or given up entirely on others? Read on to find out!


Craft-Related Goals
  • Knit every item on page one of my Ravelry queue to get closer to 90% Hand-knit wardrobe.
I have actually forked 3 projects towards this goal: Double-Cuff Mittens, Eleanora Socks, and Orangetan Socks! Only 27 more to go:)

  • Knit something for charity once a quarter.
I plan to knit baby booties for the wife of a colleague that I do not like. I consider this charity:) Also I plan to make leprosy bandages.

  • Frog all WIPs that either are ugly or made from yarn I don’t like anymore.
Roger that. Several projects bit the dust upon my return from Christmas Break!

  • Finish all non-afghan WIPs from last year or beyond!
I have forked the aforementioned Eleanora Socks and my mom’s Flower Petal Shawl! Still to go: Scala Socks, Nantucket Jacket, Rhiannon Socks, 1930s Striped Sweater, and Gentleman’s Railway Socks. Sigh…

  • Learn three new techniques: intarsia/fair isle, steeking, and felting.
I learned how to hand-felt in January, and made 2 projects using the technique: Felted iPod Cozy and Double-Cuff Mittens! Fair Isle is up next:)

  • Use more of my sock yarn stash. 18 miles is too much to just have sitting around!
Used up 2 skeins of yarn for Eleanor and Orangetan. I’ve got two new pairs on the needles, and I will be casting on another pair for the March Sockdown Challenge over at Ravelry.

  • Knit Mystery Project 08
Still working on the yarn for this one. I really want to use Caron for this, but alas…

  • Work on only three projects at a time: one portable, one complicated, and one mindless.
I’ve been pretty good with this. I am currently working on Sans Distraction socks (portable and mindless) and Nantucket Jacket (complicated) Once I finish the socks, I plan to work on Scala so I can finally finish those!

  • Learn to crochet for real. Not the mess I currently call crocheting:) progress, but I haven’t abandoned the idea yet!


Life Resolutions!
  • Be more positive! I’m a die-hard pessimist, but I am going to try to be more fun-loving.
Check! I’ve been ridiculously positive (imho). I’m sure people think I was a body-snatching victim:)

  • Be more understanding. I find it hard to relate to people sometimes, but I will try to see things from new perspectives this year!
Well, I live in Providence, so this is a tough one, but I’m trying…sort of…
Edit: The UPS man made me lose my cool today, but I blame him completely!

  • Lose 75% of the weight I have gained in grad school (28 pounds in 2008, 9 pounds in 2009). Dissertation is about to begin, and I’d like to leave school like I started.
I’m at 216 after weeks of yo-yoing beween 218 and 220. Just a matter of getting back into the semester, I guess. I purchased an elliptical last Friday, which will be delivered early next week, so this will facilitate the losing. I also am back in ballet classes. Nothing like seeing yourself in tights and a leotard to regulate your edibles!

  • Find a nice boy to date. Not sure how this will work:)
Nope. I was talking to a nice boy on OkCupid, but the moment I suggested we share a little more about ourselves, I stopped hearing from him…alas….oh, and more engagements on the grad school front:( Though a good friend of mine has been giving me really mixed signals lately. I think at this point it is best to continue as friends, until I hear the words ”I’m desperately , madly in love with you!” Heehee…
Edit: The OkCupid boy is back in the picture:) His doing entirely...

  • Finish at least half of my dissertation!
I finally have a new viable topic which I will be submitting officially Monday. I am on my way!
Edit: To be submitted in the near future. Man is there a lot of literature on these coins!


I'll check back in at the end of April/beginning of May with another update! This will definitely make me more accountable for the accomplishment of these goals:)

Until next time...

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