Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Week in Review...and Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all! This past few weeks have been full of Greek, books on numismatics, and boy stress. I also have not really knit much, although I learned to crochet on Wednesday and already have an almost FO! Hence the lack of posting. But I am happy to say, I am officially on Spring Break, so all is sort of right with the world:) Only one 20 minute paper between me and ultimate bliss! So, on to the updates!


Knitting. I have only been actively working on three projects: Sans Distraction Socks, Nantucket Jacket, and the Beaded Bag (crochet).

I haven't gotten too far on any of them, but I am close to finishing one sock, and perhaps sometime in the next few months I will finally put them to rest. I did however finish the crocheting of the bag. Now I just need to sew in the fabric lining and zipper:)


Dissertation. I have been progressing on the background reading for my dissertation which is great because I am giving a paper in Amsterdam in 2 weeks and I need the background research to make parts of my article coherent. The bottom line is that I have about 4 days to write up the paper (about 10-15 pages), create a PowerPoint, and figure out how to burn CDs with my new laptop. Oh god! This soounds a little daunting...better make this post short so I can get back to adding coins to my database:)


Boy Stress. There is this guy, who I'll call Joe, we're friends, and he generally is a good guy. A guy's guy at times, but good fun, and pretty thoughtful. So I've been getting mixed signals from him for a few months and wasn't really sure what to do. I'm not good at dating, in fact I've never really done it. I either had a boyfriend or didn't, but I've never worked up to a boyfriend from casual dating. So the weirdness resulting from this awkward dance was really weighing on me. But the unthinkable happened. He asked me out...sort of. He's a strange guy, so it wasn't dinner or anything, but we did go to a bar one night, and watched a romantic comedy the next night. We'll have to see if/where this goes, but I'm at least glad we're back to non-weirdness!


Weight Loss. Since buying my elliptical, I have been using it on a regular basis, and have lost about 3 lbs over the past two weeks! If I keep on this path until summer, I will be able to lose 18 pounds! I think the plan is pretty easy to follow since it really just is based on eating enough everyday (not skipping a meal here and there like I usually do!) and exercising a few days a week. That's really all I have been doing since March 9th! We'll see how it goes, but I would be super excited if I could reach this goal by summer time:)

So there you have it! Until next time...

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