Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!

Multi-tasking got the better of me last year. I didn't post nearly as much as I intended, precisely because there was not a whole lot of crafting happening. This year will be different. I have a few resolutions that I would like to keep for once, and I hope you will share your resolutions with me too!

1. Finish all WIP sweaters. My gauge changes dramatically as the year goes on and I hate having a sweater with different sleeves, or a looser front. So I am picking one sweater WIP a month and trying to finish that up. This does not mean I can't cast on new shawls, socks, mittens, etc. Just no new sweaters until a dent has been made. A BIG dent.

2. Spin more. I really like drop spindling, but it went by the wayside as I got busy. I won't be buying any new fiber until at least may, and I would like some finished skeins to show off before that happens. Goal: At least 16 ounces of fiber spun by May 1.

3. Sew more clothing. The sewing bug really hit me last year. I love making my own clothes, and am looking forward to learning how to sew better. I made several dresses and skirts, and would like to try my hand at some blouses and pants this year!

What are YOUR goals this year?

Until next time...