Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome Back, Kotter!

What the ...?? I have written several posts since March, but none of them are on my blog. Oh, dear! Well, I guess folks have been missing out on my latest obsessions, my project updates, and my general silliness for quite awhile.

As fall slowly creeps over New England, my desire to craft grows and my promise to post is renewed. I hereby promise to turn over a new leaf. I have been crafting much more than in the beginning of the year, and I plan to share my projects and thoughts more now that I am unencumbered by school work!

So, I am working in Cambridge, MA these days and I have a 2 hour commute there and back. Most of the time I knit and listen to the Smodcast Network, but sometimes I just want to read a book or stare out the window. When I do knit, it is generally something from A Stitch in Time. I am crazy about vintage, and a girl can never have too many sweaters. The first sweater I started and finished was the Rose Cardigan. Now I am working on It Cannot Fail to Please.

It Cannot Fail to Please
The Lay of the Land

I would like to get about 4 more sweaters knit before December. We'll see how this goes. There's also the small issue of knitting small scarves or socks when sweater pattern gets too complicated for the train, or its parts are too bulky to carry around.

The quilting bug also caught me this past month, and I finally finished my Bento Box quilt, which I started a very long time ago.
Bento Box Quilt
A Generous Lap Quilt Size

Wow. My machine is pretty small, and scrunching up the quilt sandwich and pushing it around was pretty difficult. I managed to finish it though, and gave it to my mom. She says its very warm and pretty!

I'm in Seattle this week for business, and I stopped at Fabric Crush and bought fabric for a new quilt I plan to start in a few weeks! I also got fabric for an apron. Time to get more domestic, and I've always wanted an apron. Myabe sewing something small will help with the dress I have been struggling with. I have been trying to get better at making clothes. My proportions are really crazy, and I am having trouble tailoring patterns to accommodate a 15" difference from waist to hip. I finally bought a dress form, Maggie, and I am going to work harder to successfully make a nice, simple dress. The wonderful lady at Fabric Crush, whose name I never got, suggested that a new sewing machine might help with my inability to sew straight lines. I have a $99 Brother I got at Walmart about 2-3 years ago when I was still a grad student. Seemed fine to me, but I'm starting to wonder if that really could be the problem with my quilting and clothes making. Does a machine really make that much of a difference?
Bento Box Quilt
My Work "Space"

Hope you are enjoying the inception of Fall! Post on my friend's wedding and KC/Seattle coming up soon!

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