Sunday, June 10, 2007

It is Officially Summer

It's two days before I depart for Greece and boy do I have lots to do! Our dryer is broken, so I had to lug all my sheets and towels on foot to the laundry mat up the road. Not too far but I carried at least five loads. That done, I sat down for a nice leisurely hour of knitting that turned into three! I did finish the first sleeve of my Sweet sweater. It's been blocked, and is taking a little nap on the ironing board. I also began the second sleeve. Not wanting to handle dark grey wool any longer, I next worked on my second pair of chevron socks that I hope to make into knee highs, although I think I may be short on yarn. Oh well! Knit Picks is having a sale, but I can't buy anymore yarn! I'm resolved.

In terms of packing, I am mostly finished, although I am having difficulty choosing knitting projects to take along. I think I've finally decided to take the socks, the second sleeve, and Shine yarn that I will make into washcloths. I've never used homemade washcloths before, but I need to use the yarn for something! I'll post pictures of where I'm working, the beautiful beaches, and my completed projects when I can:)

Kalo Taxeidi to me!

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