Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ravelympics: Day Twelve

It's official...I'm burnt out:( I should never have tried to make 4 things for the Ravelympics. Now, I think I will finish the sweater and possibly the mittens, but as of today, I had zero desire to touch any of my projects.

What I did do was iron the bejesus out of my fabrics and start cutting strips for my first Bento Box quilt. The quilt my mom procured for me when I was little (otherwise known as my "Vegetables") is in dire straights and needs some serious repair. In the meanwhile, my bed needs a covering. So...I'm going to make my first full sized quilt, well, Queen sized actually. I was quite happy this evening cutting out my strips, and that's when I knew my Ravelympics projects were in trouble. But I will take them with me to the mall tomorrow as I try to return a Philosophy product without the check card I used to purchase it...should be interesting.

Until next time...

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bySarah said...

You caved!
Sorry, about your neglected knitting projects, but I bet your quilt strips are really cool!