Tuesday, March 10, 2009


As promised, a tour de force of my crafty successes and acquisitions from the last few weeks!

Knitting WIPs and Plans

My mom turned 53(!) this year, and I had the brilliant idea of making her the socks she coveted months before that I didn't get to for Christmas. The problem was that I confused the pattern with another, and only gave myself 12 days to complete them. I kept saying, "these only took me four days before. I don't know why they are taking so long this time." Turns out it was because the first time, they took 3 weeks! Oh well, I mailed them off about a week late, and my mom says they fit well. Success!

I also have quite a few WIPs that I have been working on diligently. I finished a Stripey Knee Sock and started its mate. The fit is perfect, truly! I finally started on the Coleen socks which I am not thrilled with, but it will get the pattern out of
my queue and the yarn out of my stash. I also finally got past the cuff of my first Venezia sleeve! It is gorgeous. Most of my fears were allayed when I acquired a bootleg ball of Twig and ordered another ball of Marine Heather from Knit Picks...I still need to get a ball of Cream, but I think I can breath a sigh of relief now! I think I have enough yarn to finish the medium. Less joyously, I made another fish. I still have to make about 30 more. Sadness:( No comment. I also am completely perplexed by the concept of short row shoulders, so the Climbing Vines Pullover will probably sit for a while until I can think it out...sigh...At least I have had 3 successes!

Spinning WIPs and Plans
I was bitten by the spinning bug in early February, and it is still chomping on me more than a month later. I have purchased 2 more spindles, 10+ oz of fiber, and have been spinning every few days, actually finishing up the RISG Mystery White! I also plan to buy a Golding soon and maybe another Greensleeves...But let me not get ahead of myself here...Here's my new gear...

RI Spinning Guild Mystery White (sample)

RI Sheep and Wool Merino Top in Endicott
4 oz of fiber purchased at RI Sheep and Wool

Butterfly Girl Designs Murano Foil Flower

Greensleeves Bare Bones
Special Order Bottom-Whorl crafted by Elizabeth

As far as plans go, in the next few days I should receive 3 oz of assorted brown fibers (Merino/silk, Merino top, Shetland)which I plan to spin to about fingering weight and then knit up into a pair of musician-inspired wrist warmers for my friend Mike. I'm pretty excited about the project. I just hope my spinning chops are up to the task!

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

The socks are very beautiful, My Little One, and fit perfectly - especially the heels. They feel like little cushion gloves. Thank you! - Mom